Saturday, June 30, 2012

Corruption in Student Councils

In my first article, I mentioned about the corruption that is happening inside schools. It is where corruption starts. Most of the cases of corruption happen within the administration and faculty but the most disturbing is that when corruption happens in the Student Council. It used to be place where fighting for student's rights and welfare was the main priority. It used to be a place where people used their positions to fight against different social realities that would benefit society. It sad how a pure and innocent student initiated structure has turned into a sturcture filled with corruption.

One story about corruption in Student Council, is the one in the Philippine Polytechnic University where the Student Council President is being accused of stealing at least Php 4.3 Million. There were unexplained expenses by the student council officers that they said they used on some projects. But was not able to show any evidenced that they in fact used the money for projects. As a protest by the students, they decided to go on a strike to show their fight against corruption by shaving their heads.

This is just one of the stories that shows abundant corruption in Student Councils and Governments in the Philippines. We can still stop this by making sure that our Student Council officers be as transparent as possible.


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